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Robinhood's 1st outage of its trading platform lasted two days beginning March 2, 2020. The platform remained offline until Tuesday afternoon. During the outage, users could not gain access to their accounts. During this time, the Dow experienced the single biggest point gain in its history. As a result of the Robinhood outage, large numbers of people lost the opportunity to respond to the market gains and/or minimize their losses.  

It happened again on March 9, 2020, and Robinhood experienced widespread outages, causing damage to customersAdditionally, Robinhood has consistently experienced outages since March of 2020, which led to customers experiencing monetary damages.  

If you are a Robinhood customer and have experienced actual losses as a result of the Robinhood outages, you may have a claim! Our caring financial attorneys are here to help!

Robinhood® customers can file claims for damages due to the trading outages.

"Robinhood® was negligent and breached its contract by failing to “provide a functioning platform,” leaving traders unable to move money while stock markets surged.

CNBC reports that, according to a lawsuit filed against the company,


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